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A timed explosive which our hero usually diffuses by clipping the correct wire, thereby saving his sister, love interest, mother and other lesser mortals.

Time bomb manufacturing Suo moto:
1. Loud Beeping feature - helps you find it, just in case if it's hidden from plain sight.
2. Outrageously huge & bright display: shows the countdown to detonation - so it's easier go pay your utility bills and come back to handle the situation.
3. External wiring - possibly the greatest attribute, you don't have to go through the pain of disassembling the contraption. The wires are out and available to be clipped.
4. There are only two wires, the right one and the wrong one. Cut the right one - bomb is diffused, cut the wrong one - mushroom cloud can be seen from as far as heaven.

General Rule of Thumb: These explosives are never to be diffused until we have less than 5 seconds to explosion.


Fact of the Day: Balayya, Capt.Vijaykanth & 'Action king' Arjun have diffused more Time bombs than MOSSAD and other such organizations put together!
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