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If you're a child of South East Asia Or the Middle East, & have relatives in high places, then your life is a bed of ringaa ringaa roses.

If you dont, then either you must steady Condom Physsics and khummupp the hard way, or you must koitly go to Abroad.


Naganna Gowda: *flinging bunch of papers to the ground* Tththu! Going so many times to Corprashun Office!! Bevarsi nann makkalu wont give the khata. Hinting for bribe I think so!
Sumangali *holding one lota filter & leaning on tip-toe: Enoondre? Sometimes it is gud if you can khindly use yuvar kidney. With straight finger if ghee does not come out, must make finger crooked.
Naganna: What?? You want me to pay bribe and besmirch my clean & sparkling conscience?
Sumangali thinking *ayyo Shivane, how does his conscience 'sparkle' now? Washes it with Nirma or what?? Shall i take him in 7D?*: No no kanree, use the Theory of Relativity! That Ramanna meshtrus son is in Corporation Office only no? Take one paggayt laddu & meet him tomorrow!
Naganna: What an idea sirji!
Sumangali: *bleshshing lightly*
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