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\Tee See\
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1.Popular Dive Bar in South Delhi
2.Abbreviated form of "Take Care"


Usage 1

Boy: Why are you all dressed up ?We are going to TC's yaa!
Girl: It is Karoke night ..I want to look hot.Got a problem?
Boy: Umm... You were booed at last time.
Girl : Shadd up..I'm not going with you! I will go there on Thursday for Ladies Night with ma girls

Usage 2.
Aforementioned Boy msgs Aforementioned Girl:
I'm sorry, baby. I did not mean to be rude.You always look hot.Love you

Girl to Boy :You are such a liar.I never want to see you again. TC.

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The most feared human being, at the railway platform in India, the ticket collector.

You have just enjoyed and ended a rare ticket-less ride on a crowded bogey, safe so far, hiding in the train's toilets whenever a TTE arrived.
Unless you know the TC personally and he knows all professional ticket-less travelers by name, he can be a fun-killer. If you are caught, will hold you up at the gate and make you vomit the fare you stole and the big fine.

So, what you naturally do whenever you see him at his gate is-walk out of the station through one of the many holes in the station fencing. Or you walk across several pairs of tracks, the patris risking your dear life and taking in all the smells and sights of human refuse so unique to all rail patris. Without those attendant smells and sights, I suspect, the tracks would vanish into thin air, having been so accustomed to them ever since they were laid.

You are lucky, he is not at his post at the moment. He almost never is.
He gets bored if the platform is deserted; so goes for a free coffee at the tea stall.
He gets overwhelmed if there is a river of passengers flowing through his gate and goes for a free coffee once again.
You know, any given time, a platform is either almost deserted or it suddenly turns in to an ocean of people depending on arrivals.
He has no job whatsoever with departure-time humans.

Transfer Certificate from a school without which you can not join a child to a new school.
Also, if a TC is issued to a kid for indiscipline or things like that the TC becomes a tool of expulsion from the school. Now go find another school.


A TC collects an official train ticket if you have it. If you don't, some unofficial Rupee-notes will do.

Lafanga Laxman to Loafer Late Lateef : "Bugger lissen, the Princi told Poli Kitty he would issue TC to the guy. He was caught smoking beedi in the school field."

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