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Dan dakada dan dakada dan dakada dan dan dan dan !!! Repeat this pattern forever, lift up the lungi till the knees and tie it, make sure that your grandpa undies are visible, then go ahead and do the tappan koothu I say.

For the benefit of desi people from the rest of the country who have no clue what I just said, the tappan koothu is a coundry dance done by porki fellows in Tamil Nadu to loud drum beats. It is performed to mark any occasion - birth, puberty, SSLC pass, marriage and even death.

If classic dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak etc are white swans, then the tappan koothu is the ugly duckling.

(We have a variant of this under dappan koothu walso.)


(Dead body procession on road)
Arun : Aiicchhh, what is that noise?
Logonathan : Somebody died. Come, lets join them and do tappan koothu
Arun : Thu, galeej fellow.
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