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Can roughly be described as a Punjabi oven. Main cooking implement on which the wildly popular Tandoori cuisine is based. Usually shaped like a large container or drum, with the top and bottom more narrow when compared to the middle. Easily obtained in the Punjab from roadside shops for less than a hundred rupees, but difficult to find elsewhere.

Pieces of coal are lined on the bottom and set aflame. Long metal skewers are used to pierce the various items to be cooked ( everything from whole tomatoes, potatoes, onions to marinated chicken, mutton, fish, minced meat) and then lowered into the tandoor. A unique process of cooking then ensues - the heat trapped in the drum bakes and roasts the food at the same time, keeping it moist inside while the outside remains beautifully crisp. Drippings of marinade vaporize on the hot coals and infuse everything with a spicy smokiness. This infusion is the secret of the fabulous flavour imparted by a tandoor.


"Yaar, nothing beats the taste of fish tikkas fresh from the tandoor"
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