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Tamil alphabet is distinct from the rest of the Indian languages in that it does not have the full range of consonants like all other Indian languages. It has consonants each of which toggle between one to five sounds! Like, a 'k' is used to produce sounds: 'k', 'kh', 'g', 'gh', and 'h'.

That limitation makes Tamil speakers call Gandhi any thing between a Kandhi to Ganthi and more and an Idli as Ittli etc.

But the Tamil language also has a unique advantage with its script, unlike most other languages of India. It is the most keyboard friendly Indian language. No hats, carets, no tails and horns for the Tamil characters. Vowels and combination of consonants are all written or typed side by side like in English. The only exception being, it uses a dot on top of consonants to produce basic sound of the consonant when no vowel is modifying the sound.


Typing Tamil is simpler. Only thing is Vowels are placed either before or after the consonant they are intended to modify.
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