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This English-Language Indian media-agency term, erupts in cliched frequency, but with renewed disdain at the attempts of an aggrieved party attempting to "shoot-down" or "gun-for" an opponent involved in a "mud-throwing" "slang-match". The origins of "taking potshots" perceptibly emerged in its literal context on those sprawling English country-estates, where the elite gentry discharged shot-gun flourishes at discs that were released from a mechnical wind-up, into a semi-circular projectile, several feet in the air. The pictureque symbolism is perhaps perfectly attuned to the nature of the harmless dicks (I mean disc) in the gun-slingers' firing lines. "Taking potshots" aptly appears to match the nature of political conflicts in India, where one party, goes all out on a vendetta to see that his opponent has to be blown to smitherines and "fall to bits", while merely for the purpose of bringing him, or her, "down to earth".


The Defence Minister, Mr Who-wants-to-know, has been taking potshots at Army General, Mr Who-needs-to-know, over his accusations that the right hand doesn't know whom the left hand is doing!
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