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There appears to be no English equivalent for this word. It means like a pet word a porki person keeps repeating in all his life long dialogues. Bollywood thinks this is what comedic or villainous legends are made of.
Think all famous dialogues of hindi films, example is:
Sri Shakti Kapoor - "Mein chota sa, pyara sa, nanha sa, baccha hoon"
Prem Chopra - "Mera naam hai Prem, Prem Chopra"

It simms, it is normal to have a takia kalaam.


Upcoming writer - Sirji, I have this movie concept I want to tell you about. It is the story of a failed writer who is contemplating suicide but is talked out of it by an angle with no wings.
Established producer - An angle with no wings huh? Means like a normal person? Perfect! But yes the angle with no wings should have a takia kalaam.
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