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"The Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces" is a Luxury hotel chain, a part of the Tata group, an India based MNC. Almost every Indian city boasts of one. Reputed to be the largest luxury hotel chain in Asia.
But very expensive place, ehh? Lot of money you will have to pay even for a chai there. Mostly only those firangs and NRI-types can afford it.
The Taj, mumbai was one of the unfortunate sites where the brutal 26/11 attacks took place.


Suneel: Last week when there was power cut and it was soo hot and the children were restless, i said to them, " chalo, lets take dinner at the Taj"

In the thought bubble of Raman,who is listening to suneel: " Soo much boasting he does, this sunil!!"

Added 2011-08-23 by Kochu kalli