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Strange phrase coined back in the 90's in India on a somewhat popular game show. Indicates great disappointment when things go awry for someone.

The game show involved no more cerebral activity from it's contestants than to have them pick from among three doors, two of which would contain attractive prizes like mixer-grinder and idli-maker. The third door would be a dud, containing nothing more than a cut-out of an offensively cheerful looking fish. If the contestant was unlucky enough to pick the dud door, his/her misfortune was accompanied by the anchor rubbing it in his/her face by saying "Ohfo. Aapko mila tai-tai phissss!!! Aap ja kar baith jayiye."

Recently heard on cine screen when Ranbir Kapoor consented to do his first item-number.


"Hey did you know what happened to Shreya? She dropped hot coffee on the boss's head while walking past his chair in the conference room. First of all he's takla, when that hot coffee fell on him he jumped up and did one taandav dance in anger. Full tai-tai phissss for her now, he cancelled her promotion, poor thing"
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