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Long running chain of bakeries in Bangalore, specialising in diabetes-inducing cream laden pastries, as well as tarts and cheesecakes. Very popular among the school and college going crowd in the city, and the brand has served to energise many an exhausted engster with the massive sucrose content in some of the wares on offer.

Some items on the menu are good, while others are frankly substandard (lemon tarts here always stink of egg. Phoo!), and they now face stiff competition from other good bakeries that have sprung up all over town.

Their most popular item has to be the chocolate mousse cake, which is a crowd favourite. It is baked fresh daily because of the high demand and often needs to be booked in advance, and has become a standard at many a surprise birthday party in college campuses. Some outlets have a Sweet Chariot cafe attached, with a variety of sandwiches, burgers and pastas to be choose from.


"Sweet Chariot chocolate mousse cake is my favourite ra! You get for my budday ok."
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