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After seeing stiff competition from the Korean and Indian car makers, that's the name Mr. Osamu Suzuki, chairman of the board of Suzuki Motor Corporation, had proposed to change his own and that of his auto brand in India to, after visiting New Delhi and finding that everyone was calling the brand name 'Sujuki', and that the switch would be a marketing coup and a way to show that the company values were connected to the Indian junta.

The proposal was shelved after a brief conversation Mr. Suzuki had with some renowned Indian marketing strategists(RIMS). A part of the conversation is reproduced below. Confidential matter, please don't tell anyone.


Mr. Suzuki addressing the committee: "Gentlemen, I know you are surprised about my proposal to change my name and that of our brand to Sujuki in deference to the great preference of our Indian customers to call it that way....."
He continues, " I ask you gentlemen to give your opinions, and we will start with Mr. Loganathan...."

Loganathan(RIMS): "Sir, I see no reason to change the name. It has been already popular and our market share is still 41% and I suggest we will retain 'Sujiki' itself unless you insist on changing it to 'Sujiki'

Balbir SIngh(RIMS): I agree with you Logan sirjee, and with you Sujuki Sir. My pheeling is 'Sujuki' was a hit and 'Sujuki' will also be a hit.

Balakrishnan Nair( RIMS): We are all saying the same thing sir.
We will rather retain the same name of 'Susuki' and not change it to 'Susuki' just because some Delhi dealers can't say 'Susuki' for 'Susuki' and they want to call it 'Susuki'

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