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The thin line between jokingly teasing a nice Indian girl and infuriating her beyond repair.

Ever tried to tease a parent fearing, arranged marriage respecting suitable girl on why she spends so much time with one studmuffin , gets taken to and from office and to midnight buffets on his bike or asks only him to topup her mobile? In short any statements indicating potential lau between them?

If you plan to, please observe caution in the wake of following consequences :

You will be met by an infuriated woman who will ignore your taunts for 3.5 minutes, followed by a stern stop it okay! at the 5th. Failing to abide by this shut up your mouth command could result in loss of friendship or worse- tears!

Commonly prefixed before phrases ' like my brother only' and 'he is my rakhi brother'.


Rathy : Hey Roshni, how is Logonathan? Went to bessi beach with him aaa? mmm mmm
Roshni : STOP IT OKAY! He is like my brother only
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