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Phrase stenciled on compound walls mostly of gorement (aka government) offices cautioning against posters being stuck on them. Instead it has come to be an invitation to posters of superstar and others.Also a blank canvas for lau failure victims to vent out anger and frustration and lauers to showcase the union of names.Naughty Indian Uncles find useful contact details on some and also sometimes do number one on it. Youngsters with dau and intent to put kai lean against wall with this message and wait for the opportune moment to strike.
The font of this phrase is uniform throughout the 28 states and 7 Union territories in India.


* Naive phoren return in solid American accent *
Hey dude- stick no bills?? Why would anyone want to stick bills on a wall?
Added 2011-08-02 by Mean Columbu

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A killjoy sign painted on almost all neatly constructed Compound Walls.

If it weren't for these signs - Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollwood, Sandalwood & all other Woods would have happily ditched the media, and advertised their masterpieces over the compound walls.

P.S: You are seeing "Pyar Ka Mandir" poster in the background because there is no "Stick No Bill" sign on the wall.


Two boys conversing in a moving bus....

Hari: "Yo, Any new movies released uh?"

Giri: "See the wall dude" mutters the titles on the posters "Mental Manja, Golmaal 3, Stick No Bills, Jungli Billi, Golmaal 3, Stick No Bills, Stick No Bills, Stick No Bills, Stick No Bills, Stick No Bills, Stick No Bills, Mental Manja...thuu, no good movies only ra"

Hari: Chuck it man, we'll go play Snooker!

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