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Refers to an elitist sub group who are studying or have studied at St. Stephen's College,a prestigious college in Delhi University
(Has to be pronounced as 'St Steven's' else the Stephanian sentiment might be hurt).St. Stephen's is famous for its redbrick campus and distinguished alumni.

Touted as the 'Best Liberal Arts College in India',Stephen's has a high brand value,gaining admission is fairly challenging (Owing to high cut offs and complex quota structure)
Noted personalities such as Kapil Sibal, Barkha Dutt,Montek Singh , Sagarika Ghose,Amitav Ghosh and Shashi Tharoor are Stephanians.
Given the college was founded by the Cambridge Brotherhood,it is no surprise to find Stephanians be either Indo-Anglican or Anglophile in their mannerisms.

All the aforementioned facts contribute in giving the collective Stephanian ego a massive boost.


Girl 1: What is Krisha's problem? What is with the Brit accent? Why can't she talk normally? Why can't she just wish me Happy Birthday rather than saying "Greetings on your Birth anniversary"?

Girl 2: She is a Stephanian ya.They are all snobs. My cousin went to Stephen's. Apparently they still call their college canteen Cafe and their hostel mess Dining hall.Angreez chale gaya yeh Stephanians ko chod gaye (The British left, they left their legacy in the form of Stephanians)

Student who couldn't make it to Stephens:Being a STEPHANIAN is not a big deal.I had a friend who used to be close to me before she went to Stephen’s. I don’t know what happened, but her attitude sky-rocketed in just few days .She got her hair cropped and talks like Barkha Dutt. All that she talks about is so and so politician studied at Stephen's,so and so company offered a 20 lakhs package.

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