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If you consider yourself to be a POMO dude/dudette or label yourself as traditional with modern outlook...

and if calling yourself religious reminds you uncomfortably of vaguely understood customs, silly superstitions and congregating in sweaty crowded temples with the unwashed masses...

but you can't get to call yourself an atheist (what, **horrified gasp**, all those reincarnation stories turn out to be actually true?) ...

then you can't go wrong in calling yourself spiritual...

...being "spiritual" also entitles you to state that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life and spout wisdom about Advaita or the superiority of Nyaya over the Greek school of logic, based on information that you picked up from browsing through Wikipedia for about 5 minutes...


PoMo Prakash: Dude, what's with the beard, mundu and bare feet? Have you joined an Ashram?

Simple Shankar: I will be in Sabarimala this winter and I hope to see the Makara Deepam. I think you should also visit

PoMo Prakash: No dude, I'm a spiritual guy. I take my Quantum Vedanta with a chota peg of an 18 year old McKellan single-malt.

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