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Person in charge of day to day proceedings in the Indian parliament and state assemblies. Basically, they are like teachers in-charge of special ed classes in the states. Addressed by the honorific 'Speaker Sir' if it happens to be a male and by 'Speaker Madam Sir' if it is female. Most of the angst of the parliamentarians is directed towards this person.
Requirements for the job include ability to stare at screaming old men without flinching, dodge the odd chair or mike thrown at them, a high pitched voice helps to be overheard over the screaming opposition.


Opposition - Haye Haye! Screw the party in power, we can do everything better! yay! I will throw my hawai chappal at you for being in power because my party although we couldn't win the elections knows everything better than your stupid party with the peoples mandate! yay! yay!
Speaker - Baith jaiye, baith jaiye (Sit down, sit down)
Nothing will go on record.

Jammu&Kashmir Speaker shaking his fist at Moulvi Iftikhar Hussain, "you are quomi gadaar!!"

MLA Moulvi Iftikhar Hussain throws a fan at him.

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