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If it's not hard, then it must be soft. A statement difficult to disprove becomes the logical basis for describing off the shelf beverages. Any sweetened (and generally, carbonated) bottled or packaged beverage is a soft drink. Fresh lime soda is NOT a soft drink.

You will be offered soft drinks when you visit aunty, or stop at a road side pure veg darshan while traveling between two cities. If you visit your college buddy and are offered soft drinks and his mother is *not* visiting or staying with him you have Samosapedia perm to thulp him nicely.


Aunty: "Hello, please come, sit, you'll take something?"
Youth: "No thanks aunty, I just had lunch and came"
Aunty: "Ok, then I'll bring some soft drinks and snack items!"
Youth: "Umm. Actually, I'm on a low carb low sugar diet aunty"
Aunty: "Eh? Ok ok, I'll bring some fresh lime juice and sweets, after all you have come all the way, you must have something."
Youth: "Fine aunty, thank you. Just give me one minute to have my insulin injection..."
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