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Carrom ball-bowled by Ajantha Mendis, Ashwin etc.

Sodaku ball is a term used extensively in undrams (under arm) cricket being played under porticos, verandah and in bedrooms. This refers to a ball which is delivered using just the thumb and middle finger and the snap sound it produces after the ball gets delivered. The ball thus delivered would have more revolutions in air and becomes really quick through the air and ground (concrete mostly) and sometimes its path becomes unpredictable (if it hits a pebble or a crack in the concrete floor). Used as a surprise delivery.


Machi, naan out ille da...nee romba fasta sodaku ball pota...bongu adikatha..

(bro, I am not out. You bowled a "sodaku ball" very fast, dont cheat).

Added 2011-10-27 by mokkachami