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If you are a big Gora British officer with a pansy name like Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain in the 19th century trying to make sense of inscrutable India, you might seek solace in a pansy game of billiards. But come on? Your memsahib now resembles a bonda and all you have to release the tension is a game involving one long stick and black and white balls?

Thats when you invent snooker. Make those balls color, put some masala in the game, put some desi on it. Make it jingchack.

Snooker was invented in Jabalpur by British officers doing time pass. They had to come to India to see color:)

Snooker is also slang for a first-year cadet or inexperienced personnel.


British Gora: I am sick of afternoon tea, polite conversation and pleasing the Memsahib
Logonathan: A game of snooker and some mulligatawny soup?
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