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You know motion in India goes for shitting.

Then what else 'slow motion' could be other than laborious constipated bowel movement which can't be accelerated even with double dose of filter coffees, two or three dums, reading through half of the week-end news paper, and sitting in the western WC till both your legs go totally numb!

Eat fiber men! Eat fried food men! Eat too much men! Eat green chillies men! Drink rum men! Finally fear your women men!


I keep saying " It's coming, It's coming" . I fill my lungs, hold my breath, compress my pot belly, become still and silent like a tourist looking out for the evasive tiger in the bushes. If I just let a sigh out, the bloody thing is gone. Then I say " It's not coming, huh! it's not!"

I turn philosophical: It's there and It's not there at the same time!

Won't you agree the 'slow motion' is tougher than wildlife photography?

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