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A closely held partner dance done to any soothing, slow, rhythmic vocal music, including heavy metal ballads. The less refined have resorted to Air Supply, the discriminating lean towards "She's Always A Woman" by Billy Joel.

The venue: A class party, or on special occasions a fancy dress party.

The participants: 7th-12th standard students (give or take).

The time: Slow dancing enjoys its own temporal space in the movements of a party. The chips and cucumber sandwiches have been consumed, the disco and dance music phase is concluded, lights are dimmed further, and the slow dance set begins with much deliberation and intention. Timing is crucial, too early or two late, and the whole thing is shot.

Main dance structure: A swaying embrace with little footwork or lateral movement.

Immediate objective: To merge flesh through clothing while remaining relatively cloaked in shadow.

Primary short term goal: Putting.

Slow Dancing is the holy grail of public adolescent romance. Do not take it lightly. Many have married their first slow dance partner. Most likely the one who made you dance to "Lady in Red" (Chris de Burgh)... But many more have put and challed off.


Jitu: Boss, tomorrow is the class party, you're coming no?
Ruskin: Hmm, maybe. Will there be slow dancing?
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