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Literally means bear intruding a Siva pooja.

An intruder/buzz killer when something interesting is happening like husband and wife making merry at beach and one boring uncle recognizes them there and sits next to them, talking and spoils their evening.

Or a mama who is uninvited for a game of cards or alcohol party comes and sits against our will and we can't tell him to leave, out of courtesy. That, my friend, is Siva poojai la karadi.


In famous Rajnikanth movie Thillu Mullu (1981), comedian Thengai Srinivasan knocks the door while Rajni plays cards and boozes with friends. Rajni says," yaaru da adhu poojai velaila?". Thengai says,"Karadi"

Murugesan uncle saw me in Skywalk mall when I went there with Kavitha. Apppa Muruga, he didn't see Kavitha, thank god, otherwise gone case. Twenty minutes he was putting blade and Kavitha was sitting far away till he went. Thoo, Siva poojai la karadi maadhri he came.

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