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Frozen, flavoured sugar water packaged in narrow plastic strips.
In the 90s, on sweltering school sports days , when pocket money wasn't enough to afford cool drinks or mango duets or cup icecreams, these little 2 rupee ice sticks were enough to make a school kid happy. Tearing open the frozen ice stick with the teeth and sucking the frozen sweet liquid was one of those inexplicably thrilling experiences of childhood .

Preserved in iceboxes (in schools that did not have refrigerators), these were frosty and stiff when bought in the mornings. Over the day, the scalding sun and the frequent opening and closing of the ice box would make them limp and watery-but even that wouldn't bring down the demand..


(conversation between two 90s kids)

Suhail : I am sure Avinash is going to win the long jump this time
Ritesh: phhah! He cant even jump! what are you saying?
Suhail: Bet!! 5 sip-ups!!
Ritesh: If you really want to lose 10Rs..sure!
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