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There is a set of words that digs deep into the psyche of the Indian diaspora, culturally core tropes that succinctly reveal the spirit of a people. Some community specific or narrower in scope like the "Adjust Madi" philosophy of Karnataka. But if there is one that spans the global nation of brown it is "Simply"!

Said on its own, it's basically uttered in response to a question or demand for an explanation, clearly indicating that the question itself is ridiculous to assume that a detailed and explicable answer or rationale exists. What was done or what transpired happened just like that, for no discernible reason, and one is happy with such vagaries of life. Our days are whimsy and we live longer for it.

Embedded in longer sentences, it's a prolific modifier that sets the foundation of a casual, non-caring, zen-like process of negotiating life and its trivial details.


Police Inspector: "You stripped down nanga, scraped all the gold off the dome of the Vidhana Soudha, painted yourself in gold dust and chased all the patrons out of the Hard Rock Cafe. Why?"
Arvind: "Simply..."

"Macha, I was doing a survey for my fashion project for CKP and simply I asked her what matrial and colour her chaddis were... and I got one tightslap!"

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