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silly mistakes

\sil-lee miss-ticks\
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The curse of a maths exam paper, silly mistakes are elementary computational errors that shock the conscience of Vanaja Miss (or Niranjan Sir).

A silly mistake shows the teacher that you are well-versed with the theory, but screw up in practice. Your remedy is to ask the teacher for marks for "steps", which he/she will grudgingly grant you.


Thyagarajan's Mom Lakshmi Mami: Why is Thyagarajan securing only first class and not distinction? His father and I both got two double promotions each...
Vanaja Miss: He is a good student, but he makes many silly mistakes... See 3 x 2 = 5. 3+2+2 = 7. See, here he forgot to carry over the 1 to the hundreds place.
Lakshmi Mami: Aiyo, I must make him eat ladies finger. My mother says it helps with maths. Boost also helps, no?
Vanaja Miss: Of course. Apparently, Aryabhatta ate lots of ladies finger.
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