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A charming expression of light hearted remonstration for some, usually minor, social transgression or faux pas, a taboo flouted, a line of decency crossed...


Raj: "Uff ho! I missed my cousin sister's birthday!"
Seema: "Shame shame puppy shame!"


Munna Chintu (sniffling, embarassed): Teacher, I went sussu in my pants...
Miss Jaganathan (loudly for all to hear): Shame, shame, puppy shame! You are not in LKG anymore!

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The phrase is used to indicate impropriety of some nature, such as excessive skin showing, or visible underwear.

It is used in awkward situations to create further embarrassment.

This phrase is not used to mildly remonstrate.


Hey Latha, your thong is showing! Ha ha, shame shame puppy shame!
Added 2011-07-20 by thewanderingv

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We would like to direct your attention to a scandal involving the defense minister of Sri Lanka having a puppy flown from London. Appropriately, the first comment on the story, from one "Punchi Putha", is "Puppy Shame".
Added 2012-07-13 by braxton