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7D is one of the many buses that has it's last stop at NIMHANS, Bangalore's world famous National Institute for Mental Health And Neuro-Sciences.

In short, & very insensitively, the mental hospital.

Be careful. The slightest aberrations* in your behavior will provoke this question from the equally unstable person standing in front of you: ''Shall I take you in 7D?''

Or in Kannada: ''7D-yall karkondhogla? Aan??''

Minns, are you bleddy MAD?

*A list of just some of the aberrations that could get you 7D'd are:

-Missing school on the day of the school carnival,
-Putting braces JUST when cute-boy starts showing interest in you,
-Shopkeeper Gopalsamy is charging 97Rupiss per metre of Bizzy Lizzy cloth! That too it is jest for blouje-piece!
-Tomorrow is Civics egjam & you sat and mugged Bio all night,
-Went to Indees & ordered WHAT? The paneer wrap??,
-Your mummy sends you with whole wheat to powder in the flour mill & you tell the mill uncle to put it in the idli-dosa machine,
-In a serious Physics class, you keep turning to each of your class mates and grinning like a kothi that has just used Colgate toothpaste,

And so on and so forth..


Auto Shekhar: Meetrr-geetrr ella nodbeda. 250rupiss kodu (dont see meetr-geetr and all. Give me 250 rupiss)
Kodanda: Aan? From Cottonpet to Nagarathpet you want 250rupiss aa? Oho! Why you are driving around in auto? Sumne 7D-yall karkondhogla?? (Simsimply shall I take you in 7D??)
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