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How would ever Indian mythology arrive wherever it does from time to time , across yugas and across lokas without the twists and twirls produced by shaaps or shaapas.

Shaap is the Hindi version of Shaapa(San) meaning curse.

Shaaps, are in currency today as they were in the lore or yore.
Janta give shaap to the netas. Bhikshuks to the unyielding kanjoosi. And heart-broken and lovelorn to the Ex.

Don't start cursing the bad entry yet! There are some rules you need to follow haa!

A Shaap can be issued by anyone having a minimum balance of punya in their account. I see you already leaving this page! Wait!. Wait! Don't!
Maybe, a lesser paapi can, after all issue a shaap to a worser paapi. Go ahead!

A total paap laden person like this contributor can never ever issue one. So, you don't have to be scared to click the thumbs down.

You issue a shaap this way: You show you are mad at me for whatever I did or didn't. Your eyes become red and flaming. Preferably smoke billows from nostrils and you flex all facial muscles, fists clenched. Close your eyes, remember your ishta devata guru or the primary source of all your gyan, righteousness, and recourse.

If you issue a shaap in text messages, end it with an exclamation mark!

But never forget this!
A counter shaap( pratishaap ) can also be issued instantly by the recepient of yours. Think twice. But you can also get away by a counter-counter-shaap. But the effects go on diminishing like the the size of images in mirrors placed against one another.

You know no? All gamblers end up losing in a casino, and making its owners rich. So, nagins, gandharvas, sages, ordinary bhaktas or even gods condemned and currently under the spell of yet another shaap by someone in a previous avataar can and have issued shaaps and pratishaaps.

I suspect, Film producers are the owners of the Cosmic Casino. Haven't they made tons of money? With a repertoire of mytho-shaaps affording them all the twists to the story no ordinary mortal of a script-writer would ever come up with?


Here, I give my shaap to you:
"If ever you gave me any shaap anytime, let that shaap boomerang and hit you with double punch!"
"Secondly and more importantly, if you copy-paste my above shaap, let there be a system crash! instantly!"
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More specifically, toddy shop - a place where cheap arack is sold and consumed in lavish quantities. To a much lesser degree, can be used to mean a bar or pub - any establishment where alcohol is served.

A place of solace, intellectual combat and small-time rowdyism for a significant part of the Mallu male population.


"Vallupine shaapil pova?" (Are you going to the shaap this early in the morning?)

"Engle shaapil keri. Inni chance-illa." (Engle has entered the shop. Now no chance."

"Aa shaapil keranda. Touchings onnum illa." (Dont got to that shaap. Not so crazy about the Touchings there.)

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