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No no, it does NOT refer to the offspring of a Bong mother & Kishtan father. Im talking about the iconic St.Patricks church in Bangalore. Located opposite Sacred Hearts school on one side & St.Josephs Commerce college on the other, its one of the most beautiful reminders of old Bangalore before the joint invasions of IT & these damn Northies. Its flanked on all sides by more Bangalore icons like: (a) Indiana-House of the Worlds Bloody Best Burgers (b) Stars & Stripes (c) the Tibetan handicrafts store (d) one lowely t-shirt angdi, La Bamba, where you used to get full-of-style college clothes for like 20rs (d) shoe stall next to t-shirt angdi where one could bargain for mojris provided you could talk in chaste, chappar, Shivajinagar Urdu to the owner aunty (e) Kanti Sweets which wasnt THAT much of a hotspot those days (f) bus stop next to St. Joseph's which was one major adda for lau kapals And yetcetera, yetcetera.


I'll wait outside Sen Patricks, come off by 3 O'clock. Aejaz & Shalini are bunking Eco today, theyll also come I blivv. We'll have lunch in Indianas only no?
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