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Usually the term is a prefix.
In the subcontinent and beyond if the term Semi is a stand alone utterance, it means you know what. Semi-crack.

There is an arithmetical paradox here. The paradox makes half more than half. This is how it is:

More than half of all people think that they are not semis. But each of these people who claim not to be semis calls more than half of the rest of humanity as semi. So, the net sum of semis could be anywhere between 50% to 100% making semis not semi.

That leads to this contributor's definition of 'Normal' - as consistency found in looking at the overlap upon overlap of what in isolation would be 'abnormal'.
You look perfectly normal in the stands of the cricket stadium, but once on the bar-stool you are not full no matter what and how much you fill.


Often to indicate a semi, people have a repertoire of terms like 'ardha', 'aadha', 'paadi'(Tam) 'arey'(Kan) and 'half'.

Which one would you love to be called?

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