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Self masterbation

\sailf masterbashun\
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Onanism and the act thereof.

A classic South Asian synthesis of opposing multiple perspectives - in this case,

(a) the immovable object of brahmacharya / self control as in "onanism is bad, chee chee, hamarey itihaas aur sanskriti ke bare mein soch lo" and

(b) the irresistible force of "masturbation" arising from the beckoning eyes, luscious lips and curvaceous bodies of South Asian belles, combined with

(c) the philosophical ideal of self-mastery; resulting in the word (not phrase) self-masterbation.

Much popular on the Comments section of Indian websites and blogs. Especially to be found in Mumbai and Delhi.

Applicable - unusually for India - to both the male and female genders.


"How do you make self masterbation last longer and how do you make homemade masterbation toys"

.... a question posted on a sexpertise column.

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