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A slightly garbled mallu version of 'sahib', an urdu word.
During the colonial era, the word 'Sahib' was used respectfully when referring to a European man.
Interestingly, the term still survives in malluland and is used to refer in third-person to a male, white/caucasian foreigner.


Conversation in a Toddy Shop (Boban and Eappen are customers and Jose is the owner/waiter/cook in the toddy shop)
Boban : Ketto Joseyy (You listening to this Jose?) A sayippu who hired my taxi service wanted to come here with me for a drink.
Eapen: Sherikke? (Really?) Why you didnt bring him here then?
Boban: Uvvuvvae...He will jest eat the beef fry here and get diarrhoa. I told him you better stick to the small in the bar at Taj Malabar.
Jose (voice trailing in from the kitchen): Ohho...athu kollam. Ente business polikkanulla shramamano (Ohho. good one. Are you trying to ruin my business?)
Boban: these sayippus thingk they can buy the authendic kerala essperience- take a ride in the back waters, get ayurvedic massage, see a toned down-touristy kathakali performance and eat a sadya for a kathi vela (exhorbitant price)!
Eappen: Ess ess...the "gods own kandry" package sold by awar tourism department...joseyy onnum koodi poratte! (Jose, bring one more drink!)
(the group then launch into a huge discussion on the ills of the tourism industry, real estett and the most favourite topic of any mallu- the former glories of the markseest parrty)
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