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Phrase used by non-surdies to indicate that a Surdie has, in a moment of inherent Surdiness, inadvertently committed an amusing gaffe. Literally means "The Surdie chimed 12 o'clock".

The faux pas inevitably tends to provide great entertainment to one and all, no doubt because of the existing popular notions about Surdies, leading to a sheepish grin from the Surdie in question. Each new incident adds fresh fodder to aforementioned notions. This is the scientific definition of what is called a 'vicious cycle'. But an amusing one.

The blooper then morphs itself into a surdie joke, which starts to make it's rounds on the net and quickly goes viral. It then winds up as twenty-four separate emails with the exact same content (sent by an equal number of sources) in some other unfortunate Surdie's inbox. Because all twenty four people who got it thought of the exact same Surdie to send it to. Whatte funs.


Ancient Surd Joke :

Sardarji is walking down the lane with a cup of curd in the hand, which also happens to be the hand he wears his watch on. Passerby hails him and asks, "What time is it?"

Sardarji turns his hand over to look at the watch and says :"O jee,Baraah Baj Gaye"

If you didn't get it, you're the king of all surdies.

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