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Famous Indian celebrity chef, much loved by housewives for his relaxed manner, his easy-to-follow recipes and his helpful cooking tips.

Sanjeev paved the way for the modern Indian cooking show on cable back in the early 1990's, and is a highly recognised figure in the country today. His popularity is not limited to television alone, and his numerous cookbooks are in great demand all over the subcontinent.

For many Indian housewives, Sanjeev was and still is the ultimate in marriageable material - any man who can cook, and can(presumably) make a meal for his worn-out wife is considered quite the catch by women the world over. Aunties have been known to blush and simper like star struck teenagers when meeting him.


"That Sanjeev Kapoor is so handsome na! AND he cooks everything from vadas to vindaloo! His wife is sooooooooo lucky ... my husband refuses to even make one cup chai for me when I'm unwell. Hmph."
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