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Noun. September 21, 2011, Word of the Day


Archetypical Christian Maka Paao girl from Mumbai (Bombay). Mostly from Bandra, primarily a Roman Catholic locality.

Bollywood in the '70s saw her bringing down the walls of a male-dominated office-place, working as a secretary by day and romancing the boss-man by night. No hang-ups there. One who is not shy to let her hair down. Confident and self-aware, she will handle the situation with panache as Mr. Road side Romeo oggles, top to bottom. Stereotyped to be 'available' and fun-loving, yet pictured at mass praying to the Almighty in her Sunday best. Dresses flashily. Not your usual next-door Bombay Behenji.


Homi: "Yo, Vijay, how was that speed dating event you went to last evening?"
Vijay: "(sighs) Aah! About that, the less said the better"
Homi: "Why? What happened?"
Vijay: "Dude, I am telling you, I have not seen a more disparate crowd in my life"
Homi: "What are you saying!"
Vijay: "Every girl was either a complete behenji or a Sandra from Bandra. There was nothing in between. It's as though every average girl in town is already taken."
Homi: "Wow! That's rough. But wait, you did hook-up with a Sandra at least right?"
Vijay: "Yea! (wicked smile) We are meeting again this evening at Carter Road."
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