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A serious psychotic condition which once afflicted with, renders the patient "take nothing else seriously in life than the condition itself". The condition is also called 'samosapedia syndrome' but healthcare professionals scrupulously avoid this term as that term itself can exacerbate the condition in the patient. Presently affecting persons of South Asian origin, enigmatically the condition has no genetic basis. Origin appears to be India but no microorganism is yet discovered for the disease and any role of New Delhi super-bug, NDM-1 is ruled out. A more virulent bug than the deadly NDM-1 might be involved.

-Decreased productivity at work but increased activity in bed.
-Though not always observed, an increased level of indulgence with intoxicants and stimulants can often be expected.
-Unmistakable symptoms include, sudden and excessive use of profanity in speech, inappropriate and vulgar gesticulations as if the sufferer reeks with things sexual.
-Foul body odor and bad breath indicative of the state of mind.
-Abrupt, unexplained, and untimely loud laughter is also common, misleading and tempting medical professionals to often diagnose an onset of schizophrenia.
-Changed social behaviors like taking liberties with bosses, co-workers, doctors and nurses of the opposite sex, is common.
-In older patients a sudden over-consumption of aphrodisiacs is also seen.
-Physically aggressive posturing is observed. But it has been conclusively established that this symptom is mere posturing, the probable cause being altered but false 'max-male' self image
No cure is yet discovered. However if isolating the patient is not possible, keeping a safe distance from the patient should be recommended to the family and co-workers to control the spread of the affliction, even though experts have ruled out its ability to spread by physical contact or proximity, the precaution ensures physical safety and better mental health of persons around the patient.
The line of treatment includes denying the patient access to the internet altogether, letting them do whatever they want to do rather than trying to counsel (proven never to work), taking care of all chores they were formerly doing, and vaccinating members of the family and co-workers by encouraging them to imitate the patient.
Prognosis: Bleak, bleak, and bleak.
Researchers hope to find a cure in about 3 years. But analysts say that the now endemic condition will turn epidemic by then and may turn any treatment developed by then useless, because the condition would have by then become an accepted standard of behavior across diverse communities.

Many reports that the medical community is refusing to see or come in contact with the sufferers is an unfounded rumor.
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