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Samosa Therapy

\Eat Samosa. Then pronounce.\
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Having a bad day? Someone getting on your nerves? Things not going your way?

Then try some Samosa Therapy!

Follow the steps below for instant happiness and contentment in the face of all things that bug you from here to Jhoomritalaiya.

1. Buy one dozen aloo samosas. Dunk four of these into mix of pudhina and imli chutneys, and devour while hot. Feel the taste of the crisp, golden fried maida mixing with the spicy aloo filling, and complimented perfectly by the minty-tamarindy chutneys. Ahaaaa!

2. Once the fabulous double carbohydrate combo of maida and potatoes hits your bloodstream and induces a feeling of well-being, log into Samosapedia. (If you haven't created a login id, eat off two more samosas and do so.)

3. Think of the funniest words/phrases/anecdotes you know. Try to channel your current annoyance or frustration into one of these. Make it as full of nyansanse things as possible. (Hint: you will know if you have succeeded if you start showing your 32 teeths and the person next to you thinks you look loony all of a sudden)

4. Type them into Samosapedia and submit. If someone has already defined them, fikar not I say. Just eat off two more samosas, and define away.

5. Feel all the negative vibes of your day dissolving under the influence of a High-Glycaemic Index snack and the involuntary chuckles that bubble up when you look at the utter rubbish you have just keyed in.

6. Finish off the last 4 samosas with a lighter heart and a happier countenance.

Don't forget to take one few pudhin hara.


Surdie Birdie : Thank God for Samosapedia!

Poori : Oh yes. I am a firm believer in the benefits of Samosa Therapy.

Surdie Birdie : Ey me too ya! Same pinch!

*Sudden howl is heard emanating from Poori*

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