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Enthucutlets who dish out great fun on samosite, in a hurry create a lot of litter which can be termed samodebris.
1. Many of the word hyperlinks(square brackets) on samosite that actually do not lead to a defined word, but instead lead to "the word not yet defined/add word" page.

Usually, it happens when you are defining a word and another peculiar or interesting South Asian word crops up as part of the definition, and you square bracket it hoping to add that word sooner or later, and you later completely forget about it.

2. You define a beautiful expression, but when you come to selecting those 'required' fields, you are almost orgasmic and carelessly select> English (Anglo-Indian, Dingo) or Creole.

Though this is not a big problem, when you want to search for terms by language, you get all wrong results. The moderators could do something about it.

Also, Root language(the field name), as far as this contributor goes, actually means the etymological root of the word rather than the language of the speaker of a vernacular who might be using a word from another language like Hindi, Urdu, Persian, English, or any other, in which case the actual root of the word would not be the vernacular wherein such a borrowed word is being used.

Lovvu used by Kannadigas for love would be actually of English root.

3. Several IDENTICAL entries (100% identical!-same word, same contributor and makki ka makki same to same) some how repeated by either a program bug or overworking-overdrinking samositors.


Samodebris is sometimes more tastier than some real entries, like leftover food usually is.
Added 2012-01-09 by Savyasachi