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the default name assumed by all pilgrims who decide on going on a pilgrimage to Sabarimalai. In the period of abstinence leading to the journey, they abstain from all the habits, wear black lungis and beads, walk bare-feet, saffron on their foreheads and no one dare call them anything but sami! They also call others sami, sometimes. It really gets confusing with 2 or 3 of these guys around.

Once the pilgrimage is done, everything is reset, sins are forgiven and it's party time!


pious dude: Hey what da Suraj, lost your shoes eh?
Suraj: No Sami, I'm going to sabarimalai with my dad..
pious dude: oh, sorry sami. forgive me. So Sami, you are not going to come for the party this evening?
Sami: No Sami, no parties for another month.
pious dude: OK sami, I understand.
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South India

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