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Samantha Fox

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Noun. June 14, 2012, Word of the Day


Don't ask me how we got the posters, or how we snuck them into our rooms, or how we got the perm to leave them up there after the inevitable discovery (childhood privacy will need a separate entry here on samosapedia)...

Don't ask me why her (well, there are a couple of excellent reasons at least) but if you stand today between the ages of 30-45, male, and grew up in the Sub Continent, you more than likely had a poster of Samantha Karen Fox (ah, Sam Fox!) hanging in a privileged spot in your room (if you had one of your own) or your grandmothers room (if you shared)...

The true believers might even have stolen the sandalwood chips garland from periappa's photo and adorned darling Fox instead, fie on you scoundrels!

Hands up if you had the one with the jeans-pants hotpants and little else...


Biju: "Thuth man! Saramma came into my room yesterday and saw my poster and got damn scandalised. Immediately ran to my mom who made me take it down"
Sanju: "Eh? Which one, the Lamborghini Countach?"
Biju: "Samantha Fox you duffer!"
Sanju: "Sadness da. Where you kept it?"
Biju: "Pasted it inside my mosquito net and closed it up!"
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