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Used to refer to the man in charge.. a senior official, the man of the house, etc. Often used by junior staff or servants or wives to pass the buck on some work that they are perfectly capable of doing, but are too lazy/corrupt to undertake. Sahebru in itself is a perfectly good excuse for saying no to various requests, in a way that lets one off the hook, while frustrating the requester thoroughly.


Sahebru illa .. don't know when he will be back.
Sahebru bandilla ivathu.. come tomorrow maybe for signature.
Sahebru busy, can't do your work this week.
Sahebru thumba kopa, don't offer bribe until he coughs and indicates hundi.
Sahebru minister jothe meetingnalli idaare, he won't see anyone till next Saturday.
Radhamma, I asked Sahebru to increase your wages, but he said no, what can I say?

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