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Rupa is a very common name in the Indian subcontinent, you might have one Rupa next door.But probability of you having Rupa undrawear and Banyan drying on your Veranda grills is more than having a Rupa in your neighborhood.Yes,Rupa also happens to be a notable brand of Underwear in India.


Your friend:Tu Rupa ki Underwear pehenega toh Rupa kya pahenegi?

(If you wear Rupa underwear, what will Rupa wear?)

You: :-(

*Ad on your Tv -- Sunny Deol:Rupa underwear! yeh andar ki baat hai

(Sunny Deol: Rupa underwear. It's a question of what's underneath).

Meanwhile Rupa next door watcing the same ad_ :(

Added 2011-09-16 by Fraaandshipper