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When its sung the way God meant it to be, it goes thus:

'Ring-a ring of roses,
Pocket full of posies,
A-hush! A-hush,
We all fall DOWN!'

Years of pillaging & plunder by avar yoozeless school children have reduced it to:

'Ringaa Ringaa Ro-zuss,
Pocket full of ro-zuss,
Ashsha! Bushsha!!
Aal faal DOWN!'

The British could not tolerate all these matters & decided to Qyut India, actuvelly.


4 year old Peter: *knocking on Jamila's door* drink your milk fast & come, well play ringaa ringaa roses!
4 year old Jamila: That is so down-market. I'll stay at home & play Scrabble with David, thank you very much!
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