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Noun. October 11, 2012, Word of the Day


You might think India is a country of undercover agents and first-class goondas, the number of us who have two birthdays, one “official” and the other “real”. (And if you have a star birthday as well, you have three you gift-grubbing koodhal.)

It all begins when Munna is born inconveniently just one or two months late for LKG or UKG admissions cut-off in a given year. So the parents concoct an “official” birthday that’s one or two months earlier (carefully counting three-four times from their wedding date), so that their darling chut-put will not waste his time running around nunga-punga when he could be getting a serious education and be on his way to taking the IIT-JEE one year early. Imagine, he will always be-ahead-in-life!

And so all the paperwork from then reflects this fake birthday: school records, passport, driving licence, and eventually—oh so inevitably, given that Munna had this shiny headstart—his H1B visa application for America-based employment purposes.


She: So when's your birthday?
Munna: Errrrrr....
She: What, you don't know your own birthday?
Munna: I'm trying to remember which one's my real birthday.
She: Check please!
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