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Chariot ride!!!!
Sounds like a lot of fun yeah? Who would not like to ride a chariot around town being all pompous and porki?

But in India it is not so much fun considering its history, it has led to the demolition of a centuries old mosque, toppling of a central government, the rise of the right wing fringe to mainstream politics, serial bomb blasts in Bombay and the following communal riots.
The perpetrators of the original rath yatra went on to become prime minister, deputy prime minister and several chief ministers.
Attempts have been made to recreate the spectacle of the rath yatra time and again but none has had the impact of 1990.


Repoter on tv - The leader has announced that he will take a rath yatra across the country to inform people of something.

Chotu - YES! Finally i'll see a real chariot! (starts jumping on his couch while making motions of shooting arrows).

Mummy - Beta, chillax it's not like that kind of chariot. It is actually a multi crore pimped out bus so that the yatri has no troubles on his journey and doesn't have to feel the discomfort of a real chariot ride.

Chotu stops jumping on the couch and has his hopes crushed.

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