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You would say it just like rasam with no 'm' sound, and not draw the 'a's out like raasum.

The Sanskrit-rooted word literally means juice, nectar, shade of vital ingredient of a thing or a thought or an act. See also the entry for Rasna that no doubt plays on this meaning.

Samosapediacs will bash me up for the little literal trip. So here is the parody -- the more vulgar nuance. Seriously.

Rasa is also slang for sperm. The poli Kannadigan boys compare in talking among themselves of the quantity of the stuff they brought out in their self-reliant, single handed(!), manly, stationary-expeditions.


Boaster Bopanna: Ley maganey, I got one cupful of rasa yesterday evening. It was after a long gap. Sigh!
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