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A persons, who on a regular basis engages the services of certain ladice who make their living keeping up the age old traditions of what is commonly believed to be the oldest profession in the world.
Alternatively it could also refer to just good old studmuffins by the jealous types.


Momta - Jignesh bhai looks so hot when he flicks the sweat off of his pencil moustache!

Aurobindhopadhya - The Jignesh fellow is a randibaaz ya! Just last night Assistant Commissioner of Police Sri Vasant Dhoble sahab ji caught him at Voodoo in Colaba doing ashleel harkat with undesirable elements. They even showed footage on breaking news of the honorable Sri Vasant Dhoble sahab ji having to personally beat him with a hockey stick so as to save his morality.

Momta - Oh Fish! And i thought he was such a studmuffin! I guess i will have to settle for you.

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