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In Norse mythology, Loki is the God of mischief. In Yoruba mythology, Ellegua, is the trickster God (he is also responsible for crossroads it simms). The Greeks have Hermes. What about us? Well, we have the Rakshasa.

Basically Rakshasa's are useless fellows with lots of cosmic Time pass. They have choop long nails, big teeth and cause tamasha and chaos everywhere they go.

Around South Asia they can be seen on the back of buses alongside the Horn Ok Please sign smiling impishly and mockingly at you.

They are also shape-changers. One day they can appear as an insipid bonda and the next day they can appear as an elephant in pink undies. Avar own Logonathan is one variant of the Rakshasa albeit a pleasant, harmless and slightly erudite one.


Make up your mind yar, first you said you want to me like He-man and now you are saying you want to be Bakasura the Rakshasa. Pick one and stick to it no?
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