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A rite of passage at every boy's school and college in India. The new batch of students get "ragged" and fingered and sometimes kolted by their seniors. Akin to hazing at fraternities.

Sometimes the ragging can be harmless and benign (like making someone measure the size of a football field with a reynolds pen). But at times ragging can be particularly gruesome like making men stand in a line nanga by a train station etc.

For some it is natural form of assimilation. For others (puskee fellows) it can cause permanent damage to the psyche.


Roshan tried to act like a studmuffin on day one at IIT. They quickly put him in his place. He got majorly ragged. They paraded him into the girls hostel naked and made him sing nursery rhymes.
Added 2011-06-29 by Dishoom Dishoom




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Hazing; making someone do something bordering on ridiculous (and sometimes traumatic) to establish a pecking order.


i am scared of the ragging at R.V. College man, i heard they made someone molest a dustbin macha.
Added 2011-06-25 by Porkipaya_A